Secret Seduction Spray Review

A “Sneaky” Way To Make Her Want Sex



This is the ultimate “under-the-radar” method of making your woman horny so you don’t have to deal with the usual “I’m too tired” or “I’ve got a headache” excuses.

Oh, and it works whether you’ve been together for decades (and she’s lost all interest in sex) or are just meeting a woman for the first time.

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Use this “sneaky” way to make your woman want sex


I tell this to men all the time…

Women are DESPERATE for sex.

But if you’re not getting that kind of response from YOUR woman, then it’s not because there’s something wrong with her.

It’s because there’s something wrong with your approach.

Because here’s the deal…

If you know how to approach attraction, arousal and sex in the right way – your woman will BEG you for sex.

And your woman WANTS to beg you for it.

She wants to have sex with a man who she can submit her full sexual self to, who she can let take the lead and who she can TRUST to take care of her sexually.

The problem is that most men…

#1 – Don’t take the time to learn the SKILLS of attraction, arousal and sex.


#2 – Don’t take responsibility for being the man she wants.

They “pussyfoot” around the idea of sex, because they’re too afraid to be dominant and take the lead.

This is a big mistake.

And this fear is misplaced.

Most men think that it’s a good thing to constant look for reassurance from a woman and ask for permission at every step of the process.

And while this type of thinking comes from a good place…

…The outcome is that it KILLS attraction.

Now hear me carefully – I never encourage proceeding without CONSENT – what I’m talking about is having the balls to take the lead and THEN gauge her response and make adjustments thereafter.

Can you see the distinction there?

I hope you can, because it’s an important one so take some time to get your head around it if it doesn’t make sense yet.

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You CAN get your woman desperate and begging YOU for sex.

But it won’t happen if you keep doing what you’ve always done.

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Secret Seduction Spray Review