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“Underground Sex Club Inspires Unusual 3 Step Female Mind Arousal Hack”
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A buddy of mine just sent me this crazy true story you’ve got to check out.  Here it is…

“So where was I?

We left Manish on the shores of New York City, fresh off the boat and confident he’d left his women troubles far behind in India.

His first order of business?

To bang his cheating whore of a wife right out of his memory, with a sexy blonde lingerie model he met shortly after his arrival.

But Manish was naïve.

Unaccustomed to American culture and still struggling to learn English, he wasn’t aware that this blonde bombshell had an agenda of her own.

So he whisked her off for a long weekend in Vegas. He showered her with expensive gifts, jewelry, meals and attention – even booked a late-night helicopter ride over the Vegas strip in an attempt to impress her.

But this lingerie model had other ideas …

In her greed and ambition, she believed Manish was actually a high roller from Dubai – a gambling globetrotter with Lamborghinis, penthouse apartments, and private jets at his disposal …

In reality, Manish was draining what little savings he had left in a sad attempt to nail some good old-fashioned Grade-A American p*ssy …

I don’t know what tipped her off – I never had the courage to ask Manish …

… but sometime during this whirlwind Vegas adventure, it became clear that Manish was not the meal ticket his cheesecake princess thought he was.

To make a long story short, the night before their departure the panty model ditched Manish in the casino for some fat midwestern insurance executive she met at the Blackjack table.

What’s worse is the dude somehow came back to Manish’s penthouse suite with her and banged the chick in the bedroom – while Manish laid awake next door, listening to the sounds of his pinup girlfriend sucking and f*cking until sunrise.

As dawn broke across the Vegas skyline, Manish vowed that NO woman would ever take advantage of him ever again.

He wanted total control over female arousal

He returned to New York with only a few bucks left to his name. Looking for some quick cash, he answered an ad in the back of a newspaper … and was soon hired as a kind of male gigolo – a “masseuse” – specializing in pleasuring wealthy older women.

As a sex worker in this exclusive underground pleasure society, Manish put in hundreds of hours learning how to touch women in exactly the right way.

And as he developed this skill, his notoriety amongst clients spread as the masseuse with the magic touch (hence his professional name) …

He discovered how certain touches could bring about very specific responses in women.

Touch her one way, and send shivers of pleasure pulsating through her entire body.

Touch her another way, and trigger explosions of orgasmic ecstasy across every inch of her trembling flesh …

But his most popular technique – his claim to fame – was his ability to touch women gently … innocently … in just the right sequence and in just the right places, to fire off an endorphin response throughout every synapse of her limbic system …

… creating a powerful and reflexive attachment that was almost frightening to behold.

It was this latter approach that Manish began using in his dating life.

And once he developed a system-based approach that could fly under the radar and bypass any woman’s rejection triggers …

He discovered he could have ANY woman he desired quickly, effortlessly, and without a single word.

No man could compete against Magic …

… no woman could resist his touch.”


It’s Jack again.

Obviously that isn’t the end of the story.

But if you’ve watched the video, you already know how this story ends.

If not, there’s still time to check it out and get educated – and discover this power for yourself.

But it won’t be available for much longer.

Go check out the video while it’s still online here…

Manish’s touch technique for “under-the-radar” arousal and explosive orgasms

Talk soon,


PSThis works on women you’ve just met or long term partners you’ve been with for decades.

Give this a shot and you’ll be blown away by how your woman responds

Follow this link to check it out…   seduce with silence review


P.S. I post this as soon as I saw this…

I had to write post this as soon as I found out.

This video I’ve been sharing around this week is being shut down.

I’m not sure if I told you this yet, but the guy who created it put a STRICT LIMIT on the number of people who can view it.

I guess he doesn’t want it getting into the hands of too many men…

And becoming too wide-spread… or losing its effectiveness.

He just posted up this note that it will be shut down.

Looks like this might be your last chance to watch this free video.

Just Click Here Now…

Free Video: Seducing A Woman Using “Silence”



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And in it, they reveal the TRUTH about getting women into bed fast and easy using “silence.”

So if you’re even the SLIGHTEST bit skeptical that this work… WATCH THIS!


Craig Miller

Seduce With Silence Review

Seduce With Silence Review

Silent Seduction Review Video


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